Ultimate Assassin Play Guide

Game Basics

Use arrow keys to move.

Kill the green guy by reaching him and exit by using the exit gate to complete the each level.

Exit gate will open some where in the map after killing the green guy.

Don't be noticed by enemies. They will kill you immediately if they see you.

They can't see you when you are behind a wall.

They will search you if they see the green guy's death body.

Enemies's vision area is larger when you are on the move.

Special Abilities

You got some important special abilities. Use Z key to activite and deactivite the speed ability. Blue bar shows how much speed energy is left. Use X key to activite and deactivite the camouflage ability. You can't use it when you are moving. Green bar shows how much camouflage energy is left. All of energies refill automaticaly.


Don't hurry to kill the green guy. Be fast after they see the green guys death body because they will search you to kill. Use walls to get hidden from enemies. It is very useful. Your special abilities help you everytime. Use them as much as you can.

Play Ultimate Assassin

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