The Last Heart

Take control of a nano robot and keep the last human alive as long as you can in this retro shooter. You need to keep the harmful creatures away from the heart. Collect points to upgrade your speed and firing power. You are the last resort of saving the human kind from the certain extinction.

Use WASD keys to move and use ARROW KEYS to shoot.

SPACE: Pause, M: Mute/Unmute.

The Last Heart was originally a GGJ (Global Game Jam) title I developed with a few friends of mine, we decided to bring it to the internet because it turned out to be better than we expected (considering we made it only in 2 days).


Elif Cinbaş - Art Design, Lütfi Karaca - Art Design, Erman Haskan - Code,
Burcu Salman - Code, Anıl Gülgör - Code, Emre Zorlu - Code

Musics by Eric Skiff's album: Resistor Anthems
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